As Higher As Noisy You Are

Category: News & Info Published: Friday, 04 December 2015 Written by JTL Windows

As Higher, As Noisy You Are...


When something is hot, its molecules are father apart than when it is cold. When air is hot, its molecules are further apart, so it takes up more room. That makes hot air lighter than cold air, because the cold air has more molecules in the same amount of room. On Earth, air that is down near the ground is usually warmer than air further up in the sky, because the oceans warm up the air. Because the hot air is lighter than the cold air above it, it floats up through the cold air. Especially for tropical weather in Malaysia, Hot and Warm air all the time and its floats up to the higher level. For those staying in high-rise condominium will more noisy than those who staying in lower level even both of them facing the same noise source.
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