Sound Insulation for Windows

The sound insulation of windows refers to the ability of a closed or fixed window to reduce external noise entering your residence.

Key Issues and Considerations
When designing or modifying a window the work must comply with the Building Code and consideration should be given to the desired reduction of outside noise. Construction that reduces the ingress of external noise must be designed to ensure that it is integral with all other Building Rules requirements such as energy efficiency. If you are concerned about noise, where you live, or are planning to renovate or purchase a house or apartment, you should consider the sound insulation of windows in your residence.

Windows will provide an acoustic weakness to the external facade of a building as noise is generally transferred more easily through glazing than through the external walls. Improving the sound insulation of windows will help to reduce external noise ingress.

The larger the glazed area, the greater the sound transmission through the window, so the level of noise reduction will be dependent on the area of glazing that is treated. The noise transfer through and around windows can be reduced by using thicker and/or laminated glazing, a double glazed system and high quality window perimeter seals.

Noise and Insulation
The wide range of activity in the inner city generates higher levels of external noise than in suburban areas. Noise from activity such as traffic, people on the street, operational commercial sites and waste collection can adversely affect the amenity of those living in the City. As low frequency noise is particularly invasive, reducing the impact of noise from truck engines, buses, music etc. may need to be considered. To effectively lower the amount of external noise that enters a building and subsequently maintain the amenity of an inner city residence, particular attention to the construction detail of the windows is required.

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The ability of a window to reduce noise is dependent on the following elements:
• frame design;
• glazing;
• composition of glass pane type;
• distance between glass panes; and
• seals.

Effect of Area: The larger the glazing area, the greater the amount of noise energy able to pass through it.

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