We're provided FREE house to house & Site Sound level (Decibel) measurement services.

Noise Tester

Where there is a noise problem, You have to evaluate two facts:
  1. Determine or measure the external noise level
  2. Decide the desired noise inside the room

Recommended Noise Level
Bedroom  30 -  35 dB
Public Library      40 -  45 dB
Urban Neighborhood   50 -  55 dB
Industrial Area     60 -  70 dB
Busy Street    70 -  80 dB

Noise Level

By subtracting the common indoor noise level from the  Outdoor noise level  YOU can estimate the appropriate  acoustic performance you need for your windows.
For example:
External noise source             71 dB
Requested room noise level    35 dB    
Difference = 36 dB    

* in our advise, a 36 dB rating is required for the window system.*

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